Social Skills & Self Esteem Groups


The Social Skills/ Self/Esteem Groups meet approximately every two weeks for one hour sessions. Each participant has their own specific goal.

Males and females ages 6 to 26 years-old are accepted and placed into appropriate groups given their age, social level, and particular needs. All group members must identify a particular social goal which they wish to work on and are responsible for working towards it while in group, both in session and in between the sessions. Group sessions are designed to have an interchange amongst group members allowing for a dialog about any social question, struggle, or as well, success strategies.   

A dynamic part of the group session is this interchange which occurs amongst the group members allowing group members to both provide help to other peers, and to as receive help and support on their own goal area. At each session, group members are responsible for bringing a Parent Feedback Form which they work together with their parent/guardian to delineate successes that they are having on their goal, as well as any struggles which they might wish to explore in the group sessions  

Typical Group Goals

  • Anger Management
  • Making Friends
  • Keeping Friends
  • Coping with Siblings
  • Anxiety Management
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Hygiene
  • Impulse Control
  • Discussing More than ONE Topic
  • Reducing Family Conflict
  • Playground Skills *
  • Employment Social Skills *
  • Dating Skills *

*Age specific goals