Dr. Berk is an absolute inspiration!  I especially enjoyed his, "Tell it like it is!" attitude and conveyance of information

  • Karla Geda                                                                                                       
  •  Havre Public Schools.
  •   Montana,   Summer 2019



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Each year, Andy (our superintendent) writes a welcome back message for the district. Given all the trainings we provide, I wanted you to know that your words and presentation not only impacted me, they definitely left a mark on Andy. I don’t recall him singling out any presenter in the welcome back before- thought you would like to see it.



dr. berk invited to speak in Australia and new zealand

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Dr. Berk in australia

"We had the pleasure of hosting Dr Jay Berk for a 4 city tour of Australia in 2019 and the feedback from our participants was consistently high. And not surprisingly! From the moment we contacted Jay, he was engaged and focused on making it a successful series of events. Our audiences found him engaging, knowledgeable and humorous in his exploration of oppositional, defiant and angry young people.Thank you Jay” - Ben Monaghan, Director of Compass Seminars Australia


Ben Monaghan  Managing  Director Compass Seminars AUS 

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Dr. Berk has conducted seminars for a wide variety of organizations including businesses, professional groups, school professionals, parent groups and other venues. By far, the strongest positive feedback that returns time after time from these groups is the practical nature of the material presented. Although some theory may be discussed, the primary focus of all presentations is helping attendees with what they can do to facilitate rapid and effective changes! Please refer to the evaluations and example topics shown toward the bottom of this page. You can also review the testimonials and note the comments from the seminar organizers, not just participants! Many of these groups have asked Dr. Berk to return several times with different topics.

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  • Mental Health Issues in the School Setting
  • The School Professional's Guide to Student Mental Health Issues; Practical Skills for Effecting Rapid and Positive Change
  • Helping the Child or Adolescent with Mental Health Issues Succeed at School: Practical Strategies and Effective Interventions
  • Working With Schools to Create an Effective IEP/504 Plan for Your Child/Adolescent
  • Reducing School Truancy: A Growing Epidemic with Multiple Causes and Multiple Solutions
  • Practical Strategies for Today's Child and Adolescent Actor/Actress; Negotiating the Perils and Benefits of Being a Young Performer
  • The Maze of Contemporary Mental Health Challenges in Children and Adolescents: Current Trends and Practical Treatment Strategies that Really Work
  • Social Skills Groups for Success
  • Electronic Addiction
  • Video Game Addiction
  • Practical Strategies for Individuals with High Functioning Autism
  • Classroom Management: Behavior and Mental Health Challenges
  • Oppositional Defiant Children and Adolescents

Additional Topics

  • The Most Practical Strategies for Helping the Child or Adolescent with Mental Health Issues Succeed at School

  • Today's Difficult Child; Practical Strategies for Oppositional Defiant and Challenging Children and Adolescents

  • Practical Strategies & Interventions for Asperger’s Syndrome & High Functioning Autism in Children, Adolescents & Young Adults


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Professional References

Thank you for the great presentation yesterday! As you can tell from the responses, you made quite an impact on the attendees! I’ll be in touch to schedule more with you in the future! Thank you again for a great day!  Have a good weekend


 Joseph Petrarca, Director, Student Services Summit and Medina County Educational Service Centers

420 Washington Ave Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

"Child and Family Services Agency in Washington D.C. tremendously benefited from Dr. Berk's highly informative, interactive and relevant training on Practical Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Teens.  The participants walked away with information and skills they could put into practice the next day.  Dr. Berk's training evaluations had all detailed and positive comments, a strong indicator that he reached the audience.  Dr. Berk gave the participants a renewed energy to work with this difficult population in a way that was different from a "traditional" approach that often times does not work.  We would be happy to have Dr. Berk back training at our Agency."

Michele Rosenberg, LICSW of Child and Family Services Agency, Office of Training Services, Training Administrator (202) 727-7272 office 

Dr. Berk was able to provide Akron Public Schools staff and parents with a highly entertaining and informational workshop.  Participants were actively engaged in this learning experience.  Dr. Berk gave teachers and parents effective strategies that could be taken back to the classroom and implemented the next day for our students with high functioning Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. 

-Tish Kwiatkowski, Special Education Consultant Autism/Assistive Technology Medicaid Program Phone: 330-761-3068

Dr. Berk does an outstanding job of helping staff come to know and understand the mental and emotional challenges with which students come to school. More importantly, he gives staff the skills to effectively address and help students with these challenges. His approach blends knowledge with practical application. Staff members consistently report that Dr. Berk’s program is the best professional development in which they have every participated.

-Joseph Spiccia, Principal of Mentor High School

It has been my pleasure to work with Dr. Jay Berk over the past five years. He is knowledgeable and extremely current, presenting programs that anyone dealing with today’s youth needs to hear. Jay’s programs are lively, highly- engaging, and educational and are delivered with his unique style of energy, humor and working expertise. Feedback from a recent seminar included phrases like “dynamic”, “relevant” “down-to-earth” and “please bring him back”!

-Jill Schroth, Professional Continuing Education Director of Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Dr. Jay Berk has been presenting seminars at Marywood University since 1996. The participant evaluations for his trainings are some of the most positive among the numerous programs offered through the school of continuing Education each year. Dr. Berk provides practical knowledge for participants with his exceptional trainings. His presentation style is engaging and fun. I would highly recommend a Jay Berk seminar.

-Lisa Casella, Former Program Director, Continuing Professional Education of Marywood University

Dr. Berk is an excellent, interesting and knowledgeable keynote speaker. I have learned a great deal from his presentations. I do hope that we will be able to get him back for our next conference. I highly recommend him.

-Dr. Marcia G. Zashin, Director, Project ACT , Cleveland Municipal School District, Cleveland, Ohio and Ross L. Fertel Homeless Associate

"Jay was inspiring! His shared his high energy and vast knowledge with us with humor and interspersed activities that brought the concepts to us multi-dimensionally. He was a pleasure to work with."

-Sarah Knapp M. S.W.,C.S.W., Conference Coordinator , Advantage Discipline 616-540-3974

Dr. Jay Berk received the highest evaluations of any national speaker that has presented at NEOEA Day.  2012

-Gretchen Walsh, M.S. Ed., Director, Academic Support Center, Notre Dame College, South Euclid, OH


"Jay is a great speaker. Very informative and he got all topics in. Very funny and engaging! Did a great job with so much information for one day."

"Practical, easy to use ideas to share with my colleagues, parents, and kids. Have to involve my students in

self advocacy."

"Dr. Berk was very funny and engaging in his presentation. I would recommend going to one of his workshop.

Everything we learned will be useful in my practice."

"Presenter was very knowledgeable on the subject matter. He was entertaining and kept the audience focused

and engaged."

"Dr. Berk is an exceptional presenter. This is the first workshop that I have attended and felt like the presenter

has lived and worked with the material! Fantastic presenter and workshop!!"

"Loved the humour he used throughout. Loved the format of audience participation, chatting with the group,

slides, videos, and how open Dr. Berk is to questions. Could listen to him all day!!"

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