We provide an integrated approach to treatment with specialized treatment

Speaking, Training, & Seminars

Dr. Berk has spoken to large and small groups, on a wide variety of topics, and is nationally and internationally recognized. He provides a tailored presentation designed with your group in mind.

Social Groups

Students are placed into appropriate groups given their age, social level, and particular needs. Each student identifies a particular social goal which they wish to work on.

School Support Services

We work with school districts to keep students successfully placed within the district and mainstreamed to the broadest extent possible.  

Perspectives Academy

We now offer a structured environment for students grades 3-12. The classroom is supervised by a licensed teacher/intervention specialist while the students complete their schoolwork from their own district or our electronic curriculum. 

Perspectives Tutoring

Perspectives takes the unique learning style of each student to maximize success. The instructor works closely with the students to build and strengthen skills.

Traditional Psychotherapy

Individuals are matched with a clinician that specialized in their specific needs.  Sessions are specialized for each individual patient, and we work with them to address issues they wish to work on.

Social Skills & Self Esteem Groups

The Social Skills/ Self Esteem Groups meet approximately every two weeks for one hour sessions. Each participant has their own specific goal.


Males and females ages 6 to 26 years-old are accepted and placed into appropriate groups given their age, social level, and particular needs. All group members must identify a particular social goal which they wish to work on and are responsible for working towards it while in group, both in session and in between the sessions. Group sessions are designed to have an interchange amongst group members allowing for a dialog about any social question, struggle, or as well, success strategies.   

 A dynamic part of the group session is this interchange which occurs amongst the group members allowing group members to both provide help to other peers, and to receive help and support on their own goal area. At each session, group members are responsible for bringing a Parent Feedback Form which they work together with their parent/guardian to delineate successes that they are having on their goal, as well as any struggles which they might wish to explore in the group sessions  

Typical Group Goals

  • Anger Management
  • Making Friends
  • Keeping Friends
  • Coping with Siblings
  • Anxiety Management
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Hygiene
  • Impulse Control
  • Discussing More than ONE Topic
  • Reducing Family Conflict
  • Playground Skills *
  • Employment Social Skills *
  • Dating Skills *

*Age specific goals

School Support Services

The purpose of our program is to develop a partnership with school districts to keep students successfully placed within the district and mainstreamed to the broadest extent possible. We can achieve this goal by using a myriad of support services both on-site and “behind the scenes.”

Our organization recognizes that there are students who may need to leave the district for many reasons. Our subsequent goal is to help the school and family minimize lengthy out-of-district placements through continued student supervision and assistance with designing successful reintegration plans. In our experience, we have seen many students leave a district and yet be unable to return due to academic deficits. Therefore, we strongly believe that maintaining the educational levels of students placed out of district is of vital concern to help them reintegrate. 

Furthermore, support of the student within their own community can be critical to the healthy development of children and adolescents. Such support brings a sense of belongingness and thereby long term success. Therefore, we aim to help students function in their own community by increasing their comfort and ability to access such resources. This action includes but is not limited to developing supportive relationships with those around them and the awareness / utilization of other community resources. Our organization prides itself on being student centered, by helping both parents and school districts support the student. We believe we can bring a wealth of resources from our experience and practice to help achieve our goals.

Perspectives Academy

In the event that a student is having adjustment issues to a typical school setting, is needing assistance such as home instruction/help with an electronic school program, the student is suspended from school for non-violent reasons, or the student simply needs a short term/medium term/long term educational placement for support, then look to us for a unique alternative academic option.

This new program offers a structured environment for students grades 3-12. The classroom is supervised by an Ohio Licensed Teacher/intervention specialist while the student completes the schoolwork from their own district or from our electronic school program supplemented by direct instruction!.

Our goal is to have the student complete their own school work to receive credit for work done from their own school or home school criteria and to return on academic par. Students can stay in our program one day, one week, one month, one year, or as long as they need.

In addition, a student can be assessed by a licensed therapist and intensive or traditional psychological care can be provided. The therapist can also provide a complete psychological assessment and helpful intervention suggestions if needed.

We are school district and parent friendly. We work with many school districts and home school students.

We accept district placements, autism scholarship, Jon Peterson scholarship, and self pay.

Perspectives Tutoring

Appropriate for students with “typical” school challenges in need of support as well as students with more specific educational needs such as learning issues, processing issues, ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, IEP/ Intervention services and more. 

What makes Perspectives tutoring different? Perspectives takes the unique learning style of each student to maximize success. The instructor will gain perspective, support academics, sharpen visualization, increase memory, make relevant connections, and build confidence, trust & understanding We have found that many school behavior issues can be resolved by helping “fix” the underlying academic deficits and/or academic anxiety issues.

Tutoring can also be an integrated approach to care with psychological services if needed. 


All ages accepted

Individual & Group Psychotherapy

Our practice provides an integrated approach to treatment by providing expertise in the aforementioned areas with our different staff members. We pride ourselves in trying to help children, adolescents, adults and families with the best services possible including those of the practice as well as referrals into the community for specialization areas not offered at our office. We work hard to coordinate care with medical professionals, schools, and other referring clinicians. We offer both traditional (individual) and group psycotherapy.

The participants in these groups may range in age from 5 through adult. Participants are broken down into their respective group by not only age criteria, but also issues they are experiencing.  Some participants have issues that include Attention Deficit Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Anger Management, School Phobia, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and other related diagnoses/issues or social problems. 

Some individuals have no diagnosis, just some issues to work on. The primary focus of group is social success and getting along with others better in terms of family, school, friendships, and other relationships.

Through the different groups offered, individuals are placed in a group appropriate for their specific needs.  Groups are goal-focused and have individual members working on specific treatment goals that have been designed not only for them, but by them. These groups meet bi-monthly and concentrate on using the therapeutic group process to assist in specific behavioral changes.  Thus, they are not simply skills groups, but more process oriented.  Group members are encouraged to share ideas and utilize others within the group to facilitate active change in their lives.  The group structure includes activities to facilitate this process.

Group treatment modalities include homework assignments between groups, behavioral rehearsal, exchange between group members, and other various techniques applied to strategize a rapid change where possible within the young person.  These groups are ongoing and thus entry and exit may occur at anytime as a specific group member’s needs dictate.







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