Mary Sherman


I am a LPCC-S who has worked in the field of mental health for over 40yrs with knowledge and postgraduate training in: Gestalt Therapy, RET (Rational Emotive Therapy), Hypnotherapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), Psychoanalysis and Somatization Therapy. I had the privilege to train under Bruce Perry, Bessell Van der Kolk, Robert Scare, and Peter Levine. In addition to my psychology training I also hold a BA in theology and am a body oriented holistic therapist for individuals, couples, and groups.

I’ve been a traumatologist since before the word traumatologistwas invented.  Over the span of my career I have been a pioneer for eating disorder treatments, designed residential treatment programs for severely mentally ill populations, created successful intensive trauma programs for children 4-17yrs old, and was vastly impacted by my work with homeless families. 

 In my consulting practice, I assist agencies to become trauma informed and supervise clinical staff to work with the many and varied ways a person can experience trauma through physicalabuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, medical and dental procedures, car accidents, military sexual abuse, vicarious trauma and the multitude of other forms of PTSD.