Jay H. Berk, PhD


Dr. Berk is a licensed psychologist in two states and an expert in working with children, adolescents, and families. He also works with Oppositional Defiant children and their families, as well as social skills acquisition/groups for children and adolescents. In addition to providing therapy, Dr Berk has provided training and workshops throughout the country to schools, agencies, and a variety of groups. He functioned as a special consultant to the Screen Actors Guild in New York City and has provided many seminars each year for the parents and young performers.

Dr. Berk is a highly sought after speaker due to the PRACTICAL NATURE of his seminars.   He offers MAGIC DUST  to his attendees. He is consistently one of the highest scored  presenters for the companies he speaks for on a regular basis. (Please see his website at JAYBERKPHD.COM  for evaluation summaries.)

Jay H. Berk functions as a consultant, presenter, and therapist. Dr. Berk has been a consultant to the United Nations-UNICEF. He wrote a manual for UNICEF used by teachers to work with children throughout Bosnia during the war. He has been invited as a guest lecturer throughout the United States, Canada ,and the World. Some of these invitations have included The Royal Brisbane Hospital, Queensland, Australia, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne Australia, The University of London, the Cleveland Clinic, the Disney Channel, The Screen Actors Guild, The Young Professionals Organization, and hundreds of school districts and universities throughout the United States.

He is adept at treating children/adolescents in outpatient and residential programs. His experience includes working at several area children's homes and in private practice with individuals. In his private practice, he conducts therapy with children, adolescents, families, couples, and adults.

His specialties include: clients with Stress and Anxiety, Children and Adolescents with Social Issues, Learning Disabilities, Electronic and Gaming Addiction, Attention Deficit Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Autism, and Tourette's Syndrome, as well as, treatment of those individuals who have multiple impairments. Another area of expertise for Dr. Berk is working with Oppositional Defiant Children and Adolescents, as well as their families. Dr Berk works with young performers with issues related to stage and screen success including teamwork with other performers. Dr. Berk also works with other high profile children and families helping them cope with unique pressures of this lifestyle. He has a practice that is held in high regard and provides a spectrum of interventions to these individuals, their families, and other personnel working with them.

Dr. Berk has served as a special consultant to businesses, schools, agencies and other private organizations. He has instructed paramedics in field management of behavioral emergencies. Dr. Berk has served as a member of, and trainer for, the Greater Cleveland Chapter of the American Red Cross Disaster Mental Health team. Dr. Berk has responded to emergencies such as air disasters and fires where there has been loss of life. Dr. Berk has also provided training in debriefing and trauma response to clinicians and emergency responders. He was responsible for debriefing personnel from the American Red Cross-Cleveland Chapter who provided relief services to Hurricane sites. He developed a plan to "Help the Helpers", an overall program for training responders before they left, providing more effective services onsite, and facilitating a smooth reintegration of disaster volunteers into the workplace upon their return. Also especially notable was that Dr. Berk provided the keynote address at the University of Arkansas-Jonesboro seminar following the school shootings which occurred.

 Dr. Berk works with children and adolescents in group therapy for social skills. At the present time he facilitates 15 social skills groups. These groups include individuals from seven to twenty eight  years old.  

Dr. Berk also provides training throughout the country onl a variety of topics. He will speak privately for groups of any size and also contracts with businesses, seminar companies, schools and universities to provide in-service training.

Dr. Berk is also author of  "Parent's Quick Guide to Electronic Addiction"