Daniel Solganik


In 2007 Daniel Solganik began working in residential treatment at Bellefaire Jewish Children’s Bureau. This position included many responsibilities including teaching independent living skills to adolescents with behavioral problems, providing training in independent living skills and job training, developing rapport, providing stable and consistent support, and crisis intervention. Also, responsibilities of this occupation included co-facilitating therapeutic groups in the residential program and in the foster care summer camp.

After receiving a MSSA from Case Western Reserve University’s Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences in 2013, Daniel accepted a position at Beech Brook as a School based clinical therapist. This position focuses on providing individual therapy, family therapy, and providing case management. Also, a major part of providing these services includes completing mental health assessments, develop individualized treatment plans, linking clients and their families to additional services, and compete discharge planning. Finally, throughout the last school year Daniel has acted as the Team Leader for the boy’s group at Atidenu. Atidenu is a group based social skills after school program. During these groups the boys learn to understand and appreciate themselves, their families, their community and their culture.